Off to Alberta

Well, I'm taking a trip out to Alberta for a few days, and while I'm there, I have a few to-do's.

1. Find out exactly where in Alberta I can find Half Pint's Beer! As we all know, Half Pints brews some of my favourite beer available ANYWHERE. I know they're in Calgary, I wonder if they've picked up on the trend as far south as Lethbridge, where I'll be staying for the majority of my visit.

2. Well, I had hoped to get out and see another Lethbridge Hurricanes game, but it seems the team went and copulated with the canine in their play-off series against the Calgary Hitmen, so I'll be forced to discover other recreational sports related activates. As such, I will be re-exploring the Geocaching Community of Letbrdige Alberta. Hopefully I can find a few interesting Geocoins or Travel-Bugs, and drop off one I've recently found, like this one!. (This of course reminds me that I absolutely HAVE to drop off Snoopy in a Travel Bug Hotel once I get home to Winnipeg!)

3. RELAX! 5 Days without the usual drama of home or work will be greatly appreciated!


5. Guitar Shopping! I have it on good authority that I may be receiving an Acoustic Guitar for my birthday. I've got some ideas in mind... I want it to have some punch, that's for sure. Perhaps a Resonator Guitar would be fun. It would give me a reason to brush up on some open tunings and Bottleneck Slide styles of playing! I've been somewhat inspired by the work of Rocco DeLuca and the Burden, who plays some mean slide resonator through some crazy layers of distortion and f/x pedals! I was first introduced to his work when I watched the film, I Trust You to Kill Me, featuring Rocco DeLuca and Kiefer Sutherland. (I thoroughly enjoyed this film!)

6. Investigate the possibility of escaping to Calgary or Banff for a Weakerthans show... (25 Sat: Calgary, AB - Macewan Hall; 26 Sun: Banff, AB - Wild Bill's) Sunday is probably not going to work, but Saturday might make for a fun little excape if transportation to Calgary can be arranged... ya never know, really.

In any case, I have some laundry to get doing, and some packing, and I still have a rehearsal with Business Casual tonight. Should be some fun times!


I hope I have a good trip! See "y'all" soon!


chas said...

Hey! Random comment for u but I saw u left a note on Rocco's blog about his tuning and thought I'd let u know the details..

Ive been playin dobro for a while and love it! After watchin Rocco live several times.. it's easy to know why eh? Anyway, nearly ALL of his tunes are in 'Open D' tuning! I asked him! So tune to open D and u'll be able to jam along my friend..

If u already knew this.. sorry I wasted ur time! All the best either way and takecare eh! Good luck with it all mate

RobCML said...

Thanks for the heads up. I was starting to discover this on my own. I remember looking at the tabs for "Colorful" (which are shown online as in Standard tuning) and thinking... "this is just ridiculous! It would be SO much easier to play this in Open D!"

So I transposed the entire songs tabs in to Open D, and that's the way I've been playing it anyway.

I should really post my version of the tabs online so people stop struggling unnecessarily with standard tuning.